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Pay Per Click Advertising:

Looking for targeted visitors is no longer a big deal the internet has made it easy for small businesses to get potential visitors to the website by simply paying for the traffic.

Google Ads (or) Google PPC is paid advertising platform in which you can create a strategy and you can bid on keywords in the search engine.


  • PPC Search Engine Strategy
  • Bid Management and ROI Tracking
  • Campaign Management and Analysis

Why you need Google ads or PPC?

  • Your organic traffic (SEO) might not have kick-started
  • Your local SEO area may be very competitive.
  • You want to start getting target leads today.

Here is how it works

Say you have a “mobile repair shop” in Chennai and someone types “mobile service center in Chennai” into Google

With Google ads (PPC), your website appears at the top of the result as a “sponsored ads” and the user clicks on your result.
You pay for the click and now you have a prospect that can convert into your customer.

Although it may look easy to run Google ads campaign, it needs extensive management for your PPC campaign to be highly optimized and needs to be continuously monitored. As the bid price change from the day-to-day.

That’s why at [ A Digital Media ] our team does the extensive research on your competitors and optimize your campaigns for potential keywords you can get business.

Paid Ads Statistics

Paid search ads increase brand awareness by 80% age and major brands have decided to increase their PPC budget of 40% because of PPC has the ability to provide high ROI

46% of clicks go to the top 3 paid ads on the SERP and 65% of buyer-intent keywords of Paid Clicks.

Goals Achieved




The answer would be: it depends, you pay only when your target audience takes an action by clicking on the Ad (or) by calling you (or) texting you (or) any other actions goals set by you.

It depends how much you will like to bid for that keyboard and the quality score of your ads. Let us take a scenario you provide wedding photography services.

And you like to pay RS.15 for your target keyboards and have a quality score of (7/10)

Your add rank score is 15*7 = 105

Your competitor bids RS.20 and his quality score is (5/10) then

His Ad rank score is 20*5=100

your Ad will show up on the top even though he bids higher than you

When you sign up for the Google Ads program, Google provides you with helpful tools to track your ads campaign

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